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The Original Gift Greetings Personalized Fine Art Print and Frame Logo

Any Gallery image is available as a Gift Greetings

The Original Gift Greetings™
Personalized Fine Art Print and Frame
...Exhibit your praise

The Original Gift Greetings is a timeless, unique and priceless gift that continues to give.

Sounds like a line right? Well check this out:

This is an image showing samples of the Gift Greetings Packaging and contents Each 5x7 Original Gift Greeting art print is created on archival paper with archival inks. This translates to a lifetime of enjoyment before the print begins to fade, yellow, or crack if kept from direct sunlight.

Unique and Priceless:
Each Original Gift Greeting provides a place for you to write a personal note highlighting the occasion or purpose for your gift. Whether words of encouragement, thanks, or congratulations, they are your words and they are what make each Original Gift Greeting completely unique.

And Here's a Bonus!
A simple, yet elegant, black gallery style frame is included to display your Original Gift Greetings™ Personalized Fine Art Print and Frame. complements any interior design.

And here's another Bonus!
A Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the original artist, is available with a written request.
(Please provide the Purchasers Name, Print Name, and the Date of your purchase in your request)

How about that?
- A gift that continues to give for a very long time
- A gift that doesn't end up in the junk draw
- A gift that tastefully fits into any interior design
- A gift that once on display continues to give with every passing glance
- A gift that is highly personal
- A gift that is uniquely you

The Original Gift Greetings is a Personalized Fine Art Print and Frame that, once on display, continues to give with every passing glance.

Give a lifetime keepsake with a 4"x6" or 5"x7" Original Gift Greeting.

The Original Gift Greetings also translates well to business as a motivational gift that continues to re-enforce the behavior of your top performers, or as a promotional gift to your very best customers. Either way, you win!

To order:
Go to the Gallery Page, click on the print you want and select from the Gift Greetings Size Options menu.

Prices can be viewed on each of the product detail pages. Just select a print from our Gallery.

*Contact our Customer Service Department for Quantity Discount Pricing

Finding unique gifts is never easy. Whether you are shopping for friends and family, co-workers, clients or special people in your life you'll want to be creative and find special gifts that will stand apart from the standard offerings. The Gift Greetings package from Stubbs Art Studio is just such a gift idea and will be remembered for years to come as a personal keepsake.

When you give the gift of fine original artwork prints with personalized messages and greetings you create an exclusive gift that can't be found anywhere else and with your personal message inscribed it is sure to one-of-a-kind. The Gift Greetings gift set includes your choice of a 4x6 or 5x7 prints. You can select fine art reproduction prints for greeting card envelopes, stationary and for picture frames. No matter what style you choose your personal message and/or optional gold ink engraving on the picture frame will lend a truly unique character to your gift and make it a treasured memento.

Personalized fine art prints with frames can be displayed on table tops, desks, and showcase shelves and even mounted on walls. With a high quality gallery-style black frame and your choice of original art print reproduction housed safely under glass and printed on archival quality paper and card stock your gift will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come.

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