The Stubbs Art Studio Banner - created from an original acrylic on canvas of an early evening with orange sky over Cecil Couonty, MD
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About Us

We are Melissa and Barbara Stubbs; a creative team with artistic interests and talents that span numerous creative mediums including painting, photography, drawing, jewelry making, graphic design, and music.

With Barbara having studied Voice in College, and I being a performing musician, we were first attracted to each other through our common interest in music. But, as happens with so many artists and musicians, we succumbed to the notion that we had to hang-up full-time pursuit of our artistic interests and join the throngs of the working world. We did, and we faced the daily grind, losing site of our real joy and passions.

Years later Barbara had the desire to start painting again. She dug up some books on Acrylic Painting and began diligently reclaiming the passion she had when she began studying art in High School. It wasn't so much a desire to return to what was, but a dream that she could once again pursue the activity that brought her such joy, and a desire to make it her life's pursuit.

When I saw her interest, abilities, and enthusiasm grow, I became intrigued. I was always into drafting, drawing, and working with my hands, and I used these talents to design and build furniture and structures such as decks, additions, and out buildings. I consider myself very fortunate to be gifted in the creative arts and I wanted to give painting a try. I had no idea of the gifting and talent that lay hidden and undiscovered for so long.

Together, we began to attend an Acrylic Painting program and were fortunate to study and hone our technique under the eye of accomplished artist Stephanie Guilliano.

Years have passed since then and we now have a sizable selection of original artwork. We adopted the name Stubbs Art Studio as a trade name to represent the business aspect of our artistic endevours. We are constantly considering diverse ways in which our art can bring joy and meaning to the lives of others. So in addtion to offering fine art prints we created The Original Gift Greetings™ Personalized Fine Art Print and Frame. So now, instead of just giving a piece of fine art, you are able to give a little piece of yourself too.

In keeping with our creative nature and desire to offer a diverse product line, we are pleased to announce the recent creation (4/2010) of Wearable Art. Wearable Art is equine themed embroidered apparel featuring reporductions of some of our equine paintings. We are excited to say that wearable art is unique to Stubbs Art Studio and is not a company logo.

We have always been hesitant to bring attention to ourselves, but God has given us a gift and told us to "let your light shine". So here we are, and within the Gallary are the examples of the amazing gifts God has granted to each of us. We've learned that it's never too late to start something new or return to the passions we knew in our youth.

It is our hope that you will be be inspired to discover and rediscover the amazing gifts God has given you.

So don't give up on your dreams. You never know when opportunity is going to knock on your door!

We appreciate your support and want you to know that 10% of the net proceeds from internet sales of Print reproductions goes to Heifer International to help end world hunger. Additionally 10% of the net proceeds from the internet sales of Wearable Art equine themed embroidered apparel goes to the The American Quarter Horse Foundation(AQHF). We chose the AQHF because we feel it best serves people and horses through theraputic riding programs, scholorships, and equine research that contributes to the ongoing welfare and health of all horses.

Thank-you so much for your support of Stubbs Art Studio and in turn for helping us support such meanifngful charities.

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